Contact Information

McGill University
Department of Biology
1205 avenue Docteur Penfield
Room N6/13
Montreal, Québec CANADA H3A 1B1

Tel.: 514-398-6460

Dr. Brian Leung

Associate Professor

UNESCO Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability

Director of the McGill-STRI Neotropical Environment Option

My research focuses on 1) large-scale ecological predictions, and 2) environmental decision-making. To do so, I use and develop mathematical, statistical and computational models applied to the data available, which simultaneously is rich in some ways (e.g., big environmental databases) and limited and uncertain in others. I have focused on biological invasions, which is a main driver of biodiversity change, is interrelated with human activity, and thus is linked to sustainability. As such, I have modeled socio-economic and ecological phenomenon and their interactions. I have worked across terrestrial, aquatic, and marine biomes, and at regional, national, and global scales.